March 10th, 2014

Art meets design with Reform

Li Inc

March 10th, 2014

Li, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary design studio operating within fashion, art and beauty. Established as Work in Progress New York by Patrick Li in 2000 and renamed in 2008, Li, Inc. collaborates with some of the most respected references in their industries.


March 8th, 2014

U-P is the design studio of Paul Marcus Fuog and Uriah Gray.

Shaz Madani

February 23rd, 2014


A selection of beautiful work by London based designer Shaz Madani.

Mark Studio

February 23rd, 2014


Mark Studio the award winning Manchester based studio have just launched a new website full of great work.

Socio Design

February 23rd, 2014


Lovely work from London based studio Socio Design


February 23rd, 2014


Australian design studio Confetti have updated their quality design portfolio.

Hype Type Studio

February 23rd, 2014


A great folio of work from Englishman abroad, Hype Type Studio

Anthony Burrill

February 23rd, 2014


Updates to the Anthony Burrill portfolio.

Death to Death

April 7th, 2013

I stumbled upon this work for the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art on Behance. It is a beautifully simple series which uses typography to communicate the eclectic nature of the exhibition which it is promoting.

The work is by Newcastle based studio Sumo. You can also find some larger images of the work on the Sumo website.